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(A1) Introduction to perspective probing. The overall aim of this programme is to provided a simple, straightforward framework that opens up dialogue between schools, pupils and parents. It provides a “common sense” reality check on lifestyles and attitudes.

Below are the different booklets that make up the programme.


(A3) PPpupilprofile

(A4) PP4 Probing emotional and social perceptions

(A5) PP5probing for optimism new

(A6) PP6 Probing for self image and assertiveness

(A7) PP7 Probing for worry and guilt

(A8) PP8 Attitude-approach towards school life

(A9) PP9 20 Small steps towards positive living…

(A10) PP10 25 Ways to enhance and transform adult relationships

(A11) pp11 Parent Attitude


(B1) Twenty TIcks – Keeping head teacher self assessment simple

(B2) Gifted and Talented – This is part of a wider G&T programme focusing on positive inter-personal skills/attitudes; accessing how pupils/ students relate, communicate and empathise with others.

(B3) Raising Achievement 2nd Ed – Raising achievements through TA’s, tutors and instructors

(B4) I don’t care about tomorrow – Support material for making a new start

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