Survey Introduction

The above is part of a wider school development programme entitled Excellence Through Employees. The questions should be completed by all teaching and non-teaching staff.

Once all the respondents’ answers have been amalgamated the senior leadership team will have a clear view regarding their style of leadership.

The above can be confidential or shared, and will give the SLT a good indication regarding how it feels to be working under its leadership style; it will also give the SLT an opportunity to reflect on its profile/balance. ( see Rationale behind the 30 Questions )

Head teachers have indicated that this programme has had a positive effect on relationships throughout the whole school and has also enhanced the well-being of both staff and leaders.

Kevin Bullock ( Founder of Excellence Through Employees )


Rationale behind the 30 Questions

A few years ago, as both a head teacher and a National Leader in Education, Kevin Bullock agreed to undertake some national research for the then National College of School Leadership. His focus was highly effective leadership both in the educational and commercial sectors. Through his research Kevin identified three key attributes/skills that were found consistently in the most successful organisations, they were: High Expectations, Clear Communication and Emotional Intelligence/Awareness.

Interestingly, only having two of the above attributes/skills, no matter how well embedded, did not guarantee a successful organisation. All three were required!

If an organisation demonstrated Clear Communication and High Expectations, yet fell short in its Emotional Awareness, staff and employees appeared to be less committed to the organisation’s goals, especially when the going got tough.

Conversely, if an organisation had a vast array of Emotional Awareness and Clear Communication yet lacked High Expectations, staff and employees tended to view the organisation as rather cosy, lacking in challenge.

Finally, an organisation just displaying High Expectations and Emotional Awareness sometimes seemed to lose its way due to lack of Clear Communication which often resulted in a vision that lacked clarity.

Therefore, in short, an abundance of High Expectations, Clear Communication and Emotional Intelligence/Awareness are needed in equal portions.



The following questions enable schools and businesses to reflect on the above by providing them with an initial insight into their organisation. It is not so much about right or wrong answers as investigating the balance and leadership style of the organisation.