In Brief

Excellence Through Employees in Brief       

Excellence Through Employees both complements and is a refreshing alternative to the Ofsted agenda. The award focuses on best-practice in organisational leadership and has been developed through research and observing effective practice. In short, it focuses on people-centred high impact strategies.

It enables an organisation to Refocus, Regroup, Review and Renew all aspects relating to its core purpose.

The most effective organisations have employees who are absolutely clear about its goals, know how they contribute towards the latter and are recognised for their individual contribution towards the organisation’s success.

The Excellence Through Employees award supports and guides the organisation through the above process.

The three key attributes of many successful organisations are clear communication, emotional intelligence and high expectations, these areas also have a central role in the Excellence Through Employees Award.

Organisations that have benefited  most from the award have taken part with open minds, transparent attitudes and a willingness to learn; in short, honesty and humility have proved to be powerful assets throughout the process. In turn, the assessment process is confidential and balanced whilst celebrating existing effective practice.

The process consists of assessors meeting with key stakeholders, employees filling in simple/brief on-line proformas and face to face meetings between assessors and a variety of staff.

Please see below for outline of programme; the time-frame could vary, the process can take between 3 to 5 months to complete.

Week 1: Initial visit/meeting with key stakeholders

Week 3: Confirmation that the organisation is committed to participate in the process having highlighted the award to all employees. Once this has been confirmed on-line surveys commence.

Week 6: Analysis of the on-line survey by Excellence Through Employees’ assessors.

Week 8: Assessors liaise with organisation regarding finalising the time table for their second visit (at least 25% of a cross-section of employees will be selected for 1-1 discussions with the assessors;       it may be possible to hold small group discussions).

Week 12: Assessors visit organisation, having 1-1 meetings with selected staff and a concluding meeting with key stakeholders, sharing commendations and points to consider.

Week 14 Organisation receive Excellence Through Employee Certificate coupled with Press Release.

8 Key Questions that relate to the Excellence Through Employees Programme.

Excellence Through Employees Certificate